How You Can Help!

Become a Supporting Neighbor

Your financial support provides ongoing care for our Seniors, V​eterans, and those who struggle paycheck to paycheck in our communities! Donate withDonate with Paypal

​Volunteer !!!!!

We have many different opportunities for those who would like to spend some time with our neighbors! From greeting and checking our neighbors in to shop, to stocking and delivery, please contact us to let us know what your interests are. We are always looking for smiling welcoming people who are passionate about building community.

Donate Items !!!!!

As a completely volunteer run organization, we are always welcoming your donations of the items listed below for our neighbors.  We love to partner with local farms and stores to provide the best quality foods available.  We are available for you to drop off any and all donations during our open hours. Please feel free to contact us at or through our Facebook link at the top of the page, to make arrangements for any donations outside of these hours.

Canned/Boxed Items

Soups – Variety
Vegetables – Variety
Fruits – Variety
Meats – Variety
Meal Helpers
Potatoes – Variety
Rice – Variety
Pasta – Variety
Beans – Variety

Frozen Items

Single Serve Dinners
Family Size Dinners
Hot Pockets – Variety
Single Serve Pizzas

Full Size Pizzas

Pizza RollsPotatoes – Variety
Fruits – Variety
Vegetables – Variety
Meats – Variety

Dairy Items

Milk – Whole/2%
Milk – Almond/Cashew/Soy
Farm Fresh Eggs & Egg Product
Cheese – Block/Sliced/Shredded
Butter & Margarine

Box Cereals/Breakfast Bars

General Items

Flour & Mixes
Snack Foods

Non-Dairy Creamers

Laundry Detergent/Dish Soap

Meat Items

Hamburger – Ground/Patty
Chicken – Whole/Piece
Fish – Variety
Pork – Variety
Beef – Variety

Beverage Items

Coffee – Variety
Teas – Variety
Hot Chocolate
Juice Boxes


Pet Supplies

Wet/dry Dog Food
Wet/Dry Cat Food
Cat/Dog Treats
Cat Litter
Chew Toys


Infant Formula
Cereals/Baby Food
Toddler Finger Foods
Graduates for Toddlers Meals
Baby Wipes/Baby Wash
Diapers Ups
Rash Creams/Lotions

Personal Hygiene

Personal Wipes/Toilet Paper


Hair Styling Products


Denture Paste/Denture Cleaner

Deodorant/Soap/Body Wash


Razors/Shave Creme