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  1. I am Glenda millikan my grandsons name is Thomas Velder he is 5 years old and is a male. 228 cr 396 Wetmore co 81253. I hope I am on the right page. This is for chirstmas presents. phone # is 719-784-2102. Thank you

    1. Hello! I am a mom of two boys under 4, and am expecting my last baby (a little girl) right before Christmas. Zaiden is 3 years old and loves any sensory items. Play dough, hot wheels, and paw patrol are some of his favorites. Xander is 4 years old and loves board games, arts and crafts, and Barbies. Both boys need size 10 shoes and 5t clothes. I hope I am on the right page! My phone number is 719-242-8066.

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