Mobile Market

We Gather to Share
We Gather To Share

Won’t you feed a Neighbor?
We Gather to Share on the third Saturdays of the month at our Mobile Market Outreach! We are here in beautiful Penrose, CO. at 100 Illinois Ave 81240. We bring a semi-full of fresh food, canned food, meat, dairy, sandwich bread, and more to share with our neighbors! We start serving at 10 am and end at 3 pm or when we have given away all we have! Lines can be long; however, make sure you stay. We work very hard to ensure that the first family receives the same as the last family! As always, the food is free donations are always welcomed and appreciated!

Would you like to be the “Mr/Mrs. Rogers” to our neighborhood? You can sponsor a Mobile Market Outreach for a donation of $1000.00. What’s in it for you? We will share that you have been so kind as to support a community with food, provide photos, and even a count total about how many thousands of neighbors you helped provide food to during your sponsored event, all commemorated in a Breaking Bread Award presented to you!

You truly can feed a community! Contact us today to set up your Mobile Market Outreach!

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